Monday, June 05, 2006

Unlucky Again

As if it wasn't hard enough on Carlos Zambrano to be playing for the perpetual losers on the North Side, he just had a no-hitter broken up in the eighth inning against the Astros. It was only a couple of weeks ago he had no-hitter broken up against the Braves in the seventh when Jaque Jones dropped a routine fly in the sun. (I still don't know how that wasn't ruled an error.)

Damn, for all the pointing Zambrano likes to do towards the heavens, he must have pissed off the baseball gods somewhere along the way. His season thus far has been, quite simply, cruel.

As a White Sox fan, Zambrano has long been my favorite Cub. Nobody in baseball plays with more passion. Nobody. Of course, his passion sometimes borders on complete lunacy, but whatever. I look forward to the day Ozzie persuades his fellow Venezuelan to come pitch on the South Side. It can't be long now, right? That'll be awesome.


Blogger White Silk said...

For the past 3-4 seasons while all of Cub Nation has been sucking the cock$ of both Prior and Wood, I have continually told all my Cub fan friends that their guy Zambrano is the far and away the pick of that litter. He doesn't get injured (fake or real, like those two pansy boys Prior/Wood) and he plays like a demon, night-in/night-out. Neither of the other two fools can hold a candle to the intensity that CZ comes to the ballpark with. I would LOVE to see this guy in a Sox uni - his attitude (and not to mention his native tongue) are made for Ozzie to manage. It is on it!

Let's hope the Chi-Sox play with Zambrano-like intensity this week against the Tigers and Indians.

As the Unknown Column is often known to say, "Here we go now....."

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