Thursday, June 22, 2006

USA vs Ghana

Remember Kaiserslautern!

Bottom line? If we win and Italy beats the Czech Republic, we will advance. If we win, and the Italy-Czech game is a tie, then it will go to goal differential where we are likely screwed.

I haven't been this nervous since the White Sox were in the World Series.

May the soccer gods look down kindly upon us. May Brian McBride's noggin find every cross. May Landon Donovan stop disappearing. May Eddie Johnson get some run. May our makeshit defense (sans the suspended Pablo Mastroeni and Eddie Pope) stand strong. May Demarcus Beasely stop being an utter disappointment. May Clint Dempsey write a rap song about the day the Americans advanced.

Shock the world.

Just win, baby.

Here we go now.


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