Friday, July 28, 2006

Catching Up...

*** The White Sox resurgence begins today in Baltimore. I can feel it. I've been patiently riding out their current cold streak and refraining from an all-out rant. I figured they're World Series champs and this is their first major slump since then, so I cut them some slack. But that's all over. It's time the Sox stop playing like they're fat and happy with last year's accomplishments and get down to the business of defending their title. Nobody said it would be easy. Here we go now.

*** For a while there the world had my mind racing and twisting about in a mad state of confusion. Something seemed amiss. It was just something in the air that bothered me, something wasn't right. I felt troubled and wary. I couldn't put my finger on it. Then the Mid East broke out in escalated violence and Floyd Landis tested positive for doping, and just like that, everything seemed back to normal.

*** Thomas Jones is officially on my shit list. Last year he was everybody's darling when he carried the Bears anemic offense without any help from a competent passing game. This offseason he whined and moaned, and sat out voluntary workouts, because he was upset that the Bears had the audacity to suggest that Cedric Benson, last year's number one pick, would get a look at running back as well. Yesterday, Jones tweaked a hamsting in a physical. How do you tweak a hamstring in a physical? This smells fishy to me. If Jones is going to carry on like this, the fuck him, not to mention his agent, the horrible, horrible Drew Rosenhaus. Give the damn ball to Benson and let him run, run, run.

*** Chicago advanced along with Los Angeles and San Francisco as potential host cities for thre 2016 Olympics. This is very cool.


Blogger Bill-DC said...

The O's stink, period. White Sox will sweep this series. Tonight some dude from the Sox I've never heard hit a slam to turn a 2-4 defecit into a 6-4 lead. Ninth grand slam the O's have given up. Nice to see their closer Chris Ray, go Armando Benitez. This team, as long it is owned by Peter Angelos, will never win the World Series.

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