Wednesday, August 23, 2006

FIFA Grows A Spine?

OK, so Juventus cheated its way to the Italian title last season (and, surely, many other years before), was caught, and dealt a severe punishment. As they should have been. Juventus then appealed that decision and had the punishment reduced. But that wasn't good enough. Juventus is appealing further, apparently not happy until any and all punishment is completely wiped away.

FIFA is saying fuck all that.

FIFA could ban World Cup champion Italy and all Italian clubs from international competition if Juventus challenges in state court the sanctions it received in the country's match-fixing scandal.

FIFA spokesman Andreas Herren said Wednesday that forcing a decision before a state court would interfere with the autonomy of the soccer world and undermine the sport's arbitration system.

In a letter sent by president Sepp Blatter to the Italian federation on Tuesday, FIFA said it was prepared to ban all Italian clubs - as well as the national team - from international soccer if Juventus goes ahead with its legal action.

"The president referred the Italian federation to Article 61, which states that the decisions of sports courts may not be brought before an administrative court. It also stipulates that national federations must have such an article within their statute books," FIFA said.

Good. Hopefully, FIFA stands firm on this issue and doesn't buckle. If people act like children, then they will be treated like children. The thing is, Juventus' punishment shouldn't have been lessened in the first place, and the fact that the cheating club actually believes it should be lessened further is absurd and telling of their twisted logic. It's as if there is no recognition whatsoever that they spit in the face of all that is pure and sacred and beautiful about the game of soccer. They pissed on it all. They're an embarrassment. And now in typical fashion the slimy bastards are trying to weasel their way out of the mess they put themselves in. Look, they cheated and got caught. Why is this so hard for them to understand? Deal with it.

I need to find some photos of fine Italian women and simmer down. There. This will help.


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