Monday, August 07, 2006

Gut Check Time

The Pale Hose open up an 11-game homestand tonight, which is a great opportunity to make up ground in the division race, the wildcard race, and any other race they happen to find themselves in. Most importantly, the first seven games are tonight's makeup with the Angels followed by six against the Yankees and Tigers. (No, I'm not overlooking the Royals.)




I know this is a cliche, but I want to see some good baseball played by the Sox. That's it. Honestly. That's all I want. I'm tired of dudes always swinging for the fences. Sure, home runs are excellent and I'll gladly take them, but I want to see dudes moving around the bases. Keep the chain moving. Speed, speed, speed. Run, run, run. I want dudes running the bases like a bunch of crazy people. Crazy! I want dudes taken out at second base. I want dudes taken out at home plate. I want fire in their eyes. I want aggression, passion, and bloodlust. I want it all.

Fuck the Tigers. Fuck the Yankees. (Fuck the Angels, too, though they don't really bother me as much.)

Most of all, I want solid, consistent, shutdown pitching. Good lord, I'd give my small toe for some solid, consistent, shutdown pitching. I miss it. I miss it badly.

Big, big week. Big. Should be fun.

Here we go now.


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