Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hey, Why Not? The VBBF

Proving people will go to any length to begin fledgling sports leagues, say hello to the VBBF. It just rolls off the toungue, eh?

The Vintage Base Ball Federation...

Former major league pitcher Jim Bouton announced Thursday the launch of a baseball organization that will use 19th century rules: the Vintage Base Ball Federation.

Yep, back then, "baseball" was two words.

There will be six balls for a walk, and a foul ball won't count as a strike — unless it's caught, in which case the batter will be out. A foul ball caught on a bounce counts for an out, and a hit batter is only a ball, with no base awarded.

Gloves will be tiny, bat handles will be thick, and the ball — that's right, one ball will be used per game unless it falls apart or is lost — will be "dead." There won't be any pitcher's mounds, and there'll be no such thing as a balk on a pickoff attempt.

In a mixture of sport and theater, umpires must be addressed as "sir." Fans — called "cranks" — will be encouraged to wear period costumes. So, ladies, get out those flowered hats. And gentlemen, doff your straw boaters.

Where can I tryout?

The VBBF should look a little bit like this...


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