Friday, August 11, 2006

It's Here

The Bears travel to San Francisco tonight to play the 49ers in their first preseason game. This is always an exciting day. Yeah, the game means nothing, and the starters will barely play, and the fourth quarter will feature a bunch of guys who will be working in grocery markets at this time next month, but it sure feels good to actually see the Bears out there in uniform doing their thing. And listening to Mike Ditka call the games is always a late-summer treat for Bears fans.

Besides, one of my favorite traditions of this time of year is watching the spaceship come down from orbit and land in Soldier Field for the upcoming season. Yup, when that spaceship lands, you know it's football season.

I now must go and bow before my shrine to the Bears and beg the football gods (and Jobu) to allow Rex Grossman to stay healthy this season. This should take a while.

"If you no keep Rex healthy this year, Jobu, I say fuck you."


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