Thursday, August 24, 2006


I'm not saying it's time for Chelsea to panic. Obviously, with only two games in the books, that would be absurd. But after Chelsea's 2-1 loss at Middlesborough yesterday, my suspicions about Jose Mourinho's collection of multi-millionaires are even more perked. Remember, only a few days ago in here I said that Liverpool will win the EPL and Chelsea will disappoint, and if that happens, you'll hear about it endlessly, of course. Don't worry.

I just don't buy the theory that spending a bottonless pit of money on talent is the best way to build a team. Sure, it helps, but ultimately, it's not the answer. (When is money ever the answer? In any situation? Ever?) Real Madrid has shown this to be true the last few years as their massive payroll has only added to the disappointment of coming up short in both Spain and the Champions League. The New York Yankees have also been an example of this in recent years. Yeah, it's an obvious advantage to be able to open your wallet and add the biggest of big names to your stable of talent, but in the end, there has to be chemistry. Is chemistry just a cheesy sentiment? I don't think so. It really exists and it can prove to be everything. Just ask the Detroit Tigers.

Of course, Michael Ballack has been out for Chelsea. His return will be a boost. I just can't help the feeling that there is too much talent and too many egos on the Chelsea roster. And not enough spots. These are ths usual causes of Realmadriditis, a disease which once contracted, can be fatal.

Meanwhile, Manchester United has outscored its opponents 8-1 in its opening two games. That should open a few eyes around the EPL. Oh, and Wayne Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo haven't murdered each other yet. Which helps.


Blogger Bill-DC said...

Since '97 Real Madrid has needed defensive help but failed to address that need, opting for overpaying superstars who can sell shirts.

They helped themselves with a couple Italian players and hopefully can take La Liga from Barcelona.

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