Thursday, August 10, 2006

Since When is Cheering Frowned Upon?

The Trib's David Haugh wrote this today about Tadahito Iguchi breaking up Randy Johnson's no-hitter in the seventh inning last night...

Sure, it's been a summer of angst and hand-wringing on the South Side. But giving Tadahito Iguchi a standing ovation for breaking up Johnson's no-hitter in the seventh of a 7-0 game seemed like an overreaction. It wasn't exactly as bad as the wave on Sunday at Wrigley Field, but Grinder Rule No. 123 should outlaw excessive applause for measly singles.

Huh? This comment comes dangerously close to Mariotti-like levels if lunacy. Listen, the White Sox are in a situtaion where every game is, essentially, a playoff game. Every single game. And the fans know this. So when their team is losing 7-0, yeah, the first sign of life is more than enough reason to get excited, if even just a little. That's why they're there in the first place. To get excited when the Sox do well. Or do something - anything - positive or hopeful. Don't criticize fans for cheering their team. Don't ever criticize any fans for cheering their team. Sox fans or otherwise. I'm not being a touchy Sox fan here. I'm just being a fan - period - and Haugh's assertion is ludicrous.

Hey, I don't care what the situation is. As a Sox fan, I don't ever want to see my my team get no-hit. Ever. I don't care if it's a huge game in the middle of a pennant chase as last night's was or if the game is as meaningless as a Paris Hilton song. Sox fans had every right to cheer their team on last night, regardless of the situation, and saying otherwise is to completely miss the big picture. Besides, what has Johnson ever done for the Sox that merit's Sox fans forgetting their deep concerns about the playoff chase to instead worry about his no-hit bid?

As for last night's game, a 7-6 loss, I'm looking at the bright side and giving the Sox credit for coming back from a 7-0 deficit in the seventh inning. They showed heart, which is all you can ask. They even had runners on first and third with Jim Thome at the plate as the game ended. They were right there. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. There are positives to be found. Of course, they need to win tonight to take the series.

Here we go now.


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