Friday, August 11, 2006

Slopppy? We'll Take It

OK, there we go. The White Sox needed this: a 5-4 triumph and thus a series win over the Yankees. That's now four series won in a row. Of course, more shaky pitching from Javier Vazquez, Neil Cotts and Brandon McCarthy didn't make it easy, but the work of Matt Thornton and Bobby Jenks on the mound - not to mention some awful Yankees defense - made it happen in the end.

When, oh, when will the entire pitching staff click at once?

The highlight was Ozzie getting tossed for arguing with first base umpire Eric Cooper. The thing was, it wasn't Cooper's first bad call in the series. And they were bad calls. I mean, the replays said as much and it's been clear. It's bad enough getting hosed by an ump against any team, but when it happens against the Yankees, and it's the same guy repeatedly, well, the conspiracy theorist in me begins to wake from his slumber. Sorry, but I just can't stomach a team with a payroll double that of anyone else also getting bad calls going their way. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm whining. Whatever. Watch the replays. Cooper fucked up. All series. That was also one of the quickest hooks you'll ever see that he gave Ozzie. A real class act, that Cooper. Hopefully, we don't see him again anytime soon.

But enough about umps, good or bad.

Anyway, this was a big win. It restores some confidence, especially when it comes to the Sox's ability to play with the best teams. Of course, the Tigers arrive for three games beginning today so the stakes get even bigger.

Here we go now.


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