Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Surely You Jest

If there was any doubt that the Raiders aren't going to make a hard push for the title of worst team in the NFL in 2006, those doubts are gone. When you go out and sign Jeff George, which the Raiders inexplicably just did, you're in big, big trouble. Plain and simple. And if you're a fan of the Raiders, you may as well start thinking about the 2007 draft right now. Yeah, start watching a lot of college football. Know your potential number one overall picks. If you're not a fan of the Raiders, well, go ahead and laugh your ass off because the Raiders are hysterical.

Apparently, Ryan Leaf, Todd Marinovich, Akili Smith and Shane Falco were unavailable.

Look, George was on the Bears roster during the 2004 season, and when the quarterback situation went to hell as it so often does for the Bears, George was left on the bench in favor of Chad Hutchinson. Yeah, Chad freakin' Hutchinson, who had been on a surfboard only a few weeks before.

You really have to feel sorry for Art Shell in this ordeal. Has anyone been more routinely shafted than Shell? The poor guy was fired as coach of the Raiders following the 1994 season despite posting a 56-41 overall record - including 9-7 in his last season - and received hardly a sniff at a head job for the next 12 years. Now he finally gets his chance back at the helm of an NFL team and he gets...a Jeff George signing? Ouch.

Good luck with that, Art. And good luck dealing with the petulance of Randy Moss and the wildly erratic play at quarterback of Aaron Brooks. Oh, and for good measure, your supposed quarterback of the future, Andrew Walter, is now being linked to a bad shoulder. At this point, I just want to see Marques Tuiasosopo ascend to the starting role behind center if only because, if you squint hard enough, he looks a bit like Jim Plunkett in that Raiders uniform.


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