Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sweet Home

It was nice to see that the Sporting News corrected the error of its ways and invited the Fire and Wolves to its little shindig at the Cell to honor Chicago for being named best sports city in America. Because, you know, the Fire (1 MLS Cup, 3 U.S. Open Cups since 1998) and the Wolves (3 Turner Cups - or whatever its called - in 12 years) have been Chicago's two most consistently successfull franchises for many years now. It was sort of the right thing to do. They should have been invited in the first place. The only thing that could have made it any better would have been if TSN rescinded the offer to the Blackhawks to make room.

One representative from each team in town in one Suite. That should be fun.

The funniest part? Allegedly, someone from the Blackhawks' made a stink about how they weren't represented on the cover. Now that's funny coming from what is arguably the worst franchise in all of major pro sports. Period. Horrendously awful. Criminally bad. They best keep quiet and be happy they were invited to the party.

I nominate the following representatives:

Bears - Tommie Harris. This dude is the real deal on and off the field.
Rush - Mike Ditka. Da Coach.
White Sox - Ozzie. Joey Cora can manage for the night.
Fire - Peter Wilt. John Guppy who?
Bulls - The woman who does PR for the Bulls. Sebrina Brewster. She's always visible during Bulls telecasts sitting at at the end of the Bulls bench at the very edge of the press area at centercourt. She's smokin'. Invite her.
Blackhawks - One true and unhappy fan. I don't care which one.
Cubs - Ron Santo. Who else?
Wolves - A hot chick wearning nothing but a Wolves jersey


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