Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weird - Very Weird - French Drama

This is just weird. The Unknown Column is honestly baffled and this never happens. (Stop laughing.)

Claude Makele announced his retirement from the French national team following this summer's World Cup, which made sense. After all, he's 33-years-old. He helped France to the final in Germany. He has appeared a total of 50 times for his country.

Call it a solid career, right?

Well, French national team coach Raymond Domenech has said that if Makelele doesn't return to the national team, he will face being banned from his club side, Chelsea, for two games. Apparently, this is a right national team coach's have. Which is bullshit. Who knew? This is like Mike Krrkjhihrugagfrski threatening LeBron James with a ban from the Cavaliers should LeBron choose not to don the USA jersey.

Listen to Domenech...

"We had a discussion with Makelele but I didn't ask for his opinion.

"For me it would be unthinkable to see a great player playing for a great club not playing for his national team.

"A player who refuses to accept a selection is liable to a two-match suspension.

"I had a discussion with (Chelsea coach) Jose Mourinho, as I often do with the coaches of our international players, but it was not a matter of reaching an agreement over Makelele.

"I told him where I stood, he told me where he stood. We still have the law for us.

"I spoke a lot with Claude and told him that he was not obliged to come and play with us, but also that it would be better if he did feel obliged to."

Wow. Double wow. Are you kidding me? Domenech can't be for real, can he? I think he just laid his claim down for biggest asshole of 2006 - if there were such an award, and there should be. (The winner would be presented with a small bronze statue of Terrell Owens.) Of course, is it really surprising? I mean, just look at him...

He looks just a little too French, no? A little too much like the bumbling dolt in some bad French comedy, no? Didn't you get the feeling he was just along for the ride this past summer in Germany? How much coaching do you do when you have vets like Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry? I'm pretty sure that when Zidane had anything to say, Domenech responded with, "Yes, sir."

Well, here's hoping this blows up in Domenech's face in the upcoming EURO 2008 qualifying. Normally, I sort of like France's team and always sort of have, but this is ridiculous and repulsing. This is such a prick move on the part Domenech that it's just...weird.


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