Sunday, August 27, 2006

White Sox Playing Plain Stupid

If you get a chance, look at the photo on page 8 in the Sunday Tribune sports section. It's a photo of AJ Pierzynski swinging with the following caption:

"AJ Pierzynski goes down swinging for the final out with White Sox runners on first and third Saturday night."

You really have to see the photo to get my point. I mean AJ looks like he was hoping to smack the ball so it hard it would sail over left field and onto the Dan Ryan expressway. Talk about swinging for the fences. He's completely stretched out, all over the place. Looking foolish, actually. His left knee is practically scraping the ground. His bat is in his hand directly behind him by about three feet and on the ground. His back is arched backwards at a 45 degree angle.

He was obviously trying to kill the ball. It was an absolutely ridiculous swing. Ridiculous.

But why?

You got a runner on third. Two runners on. Just score the run. Move the runners. Keep the chain moving.

Why is this concept so hard for the Sox to understand? Why? Why? Why does everyone want to be a hero?

Don't be a hero - just be a winner. Be smart.

Be smart.


I hate to say, "Look at the Twins" but...look at the Twins. Get on with a single...or a walk...a bunt...whatever. And then move guys around the bases. Steal. Bunt. Single after single if need be. Whatever works.

But the Sox just club for the fences like a bunch of neanderthals.

Look at Konerko after Dye homered in the ninth. Pop up on the first pitch. Totally stupid. Dumb. And why? Konerko was obviously so pumped up that he couldn't control himself and went for the homer right after Dye that would have sent the place into a frenzy. Yeah, that would have been nice, but I would have been happy with a single or a walk. Just get on base. There was only out. ONE! So make something happen. Don't be stupid.


Same thing in the tenth. Gload, Uribe and Anderson all fly/pop out. Fuck. Just get on base. This isn't complicated. And Gload popped up on a 3-1 pitch, to boot. Fuck. Uribe's eyes were probably closed.

Why is this concept so hard for the Sox to understand. Don't be a hero. There is no need to be a hero. Just get on base and make something happen.

Be smart.



For the record, Jermaine Dye aided his AL MVP campaign on Saturday night by tying the game in the bottom of the ninth with a two-run homer. His 38th. Talk about hereos. That was heroic. Dye often is. Just as clutch as David Ortiz...and Dye plays the outfield as well while Ortiz does not. Just sayin'. Dude deserves a hard look.


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