Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yo, Kansas City (Part III)

First, props to the Fire for taking out their recent frustrations on the hapless Wizards. Shutting out the team that once hilariously dubbed itself 'the Wiz' (in what was arguably the worst decision in sports marketing history) for the second time in three nights might go a long way to restoring some long lost confidence. The Fire's 3-0 drubbing of Kansas City last night keeps it right in the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff race. Though to be fair, a team would almost have to fold misdeason to fall out of the MLS playoff race. Either that, or be the Colombus Crew.

Of course, these random successes may just prolong the tenures of Dave Sarachan and John Guppy, which isn't a good thing. The sooner the chord is cut with these two, the better.

But whatever. For the time being, the Fire looks good. All's well that is currently well, right?

Meanwhile, the White Sox should be ashamed of their effort against the Royals last night. Awful. Simply awful. How do you lose to the Royals two nights in a row? Pathetic. I don't understand why the Sox always seem to be at one extreme or the other. They're either flying high and looking nearly invincible, or they're getting blown out by the worst team in baseball. There seems to be very little in between. Bipolar disease. Maddening. It's fucking with me...


Speaking of heads, the Sox better get theirs on straight with road trips to Minnesota and Detroit looming after today's finale with Kansas City.

Here we go now.


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