Monday, August 14, 2006

Yo, Kansas City

No offense meant to Kansas City or any of its fine citizens, but for this week at least as the Royals and Wizards hit town, fuck the whole damn place. OK, that was harsh. But seriously, does anyone know of any good jokes with KC as the butt? Certainly the city that produced Jason Whitlock is ripe for the picking.

The White Sox play the Royals the next four nights at the Cell. The Pale Hose starting pitching has been improved, but let's see if that continues 'round and 'round the rotation like a merry-go-round. In other words, consistency. I'm looking at you, Javier Vazquez.

Meanwhile, the Fire will play the Wizards tonight in the U.S. Open Cup with a spot in the quarterfinals on the line. On Wednesday the same two teams meet in an MLS regular season match. Both games will be in Bridgeview, but since the Fire can't win there anyway, that's not saying much at the moment.

Funniest thing about Kansas City? Help me out here.


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