Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dem's Fightin' Words

Roy Williams, come on down.

"We will win this game," Lions wide receiver Roy Williams told reporters Monday (of the Lions game at the Bears this weekend.) "You all can take that as a guarantee or whatnot, but we will win this game."


When we play the way we're supposed to play, like our defense played the way they played Sunday ... I don't think there's no team in this league that can beat us."


It was stupid how close we were to putting 40 points on the board, and it's ridiculous. Offensively, we beat ourselves. No defense can stop us, in my opinion. That's only in my opinion. We are our only defense."

Wow. On the one hand, I almost applaud Williams for his blind optimism. It can't be easy to stay positive when you play for the worst franchise in the NFL. (Yes, even the Cardinals have surpassed the Lions.) Lesser players would succumb to the malaise and allow themselves to simply go through the motions and be swept up in the dark currents of losing, as so many Lions before him have. But not Williams. He's coming out swinging. Good for him.

On the other hand, he's picked a very peculiar time to display his bravado. When you're about to enter the stadium of the team with arguably the best defense in the league - a team coming off a shutout, by the way - maybe you should pick your words a little more carefully. I doubt Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Tommie Harris and the rest of the Bears defense need bulletin board material to get fired up, but Williams' words certainly won't hurt the cause.

Oh, and it would also help your legitimacy if your offense wasn't coming off a game in which it produced a whopping total of two field goals. Just sayin'.

I sense very bad thngs happening to Mr. Williams come Sunday. Very bad things. And I very much look forward to it. I want to see this dude laid...the fuck...out.

Sort of like this fine moment from last year's Bears-Lions game in Soldier Field. (I could watch that all day.)


Anonymous priest, they called me said...

Those statements sounds soooo dumb I'm inclined to believe that Matt Millen told Roy Williams to say them. Speaking of Millen, do you have any pics that make him look the fat idiot that he is a la the pics you post of Kyle Orton that make him look like a drunken skirt chaser? And could you please post some of those Orton pics as well.

4:29 PM  

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