Friday, September 01, 2006

Flat Daddy?

I guarantee you these kids grow up to be weird and troubled.

Lt. Col. Randall Holbrook travels just about everywhere with his wife Mary and their two sons, Justin, 14, and Logan, 5.

He’s quietly in the background on family outings to the grocery store, to restaurants, camping, even on Mary’s most recent visit to her gynecologist.

Randall has little to say because he’s a ‘‘Flat Daddy,’’ a two-dimensional foam board likeness from the waist up of the Maine Army National Guard officer from Hermon who was sent to Afghanistan in January with the 240th Engineer Group of Augusta.

The Guard has provided more than 100 of the cutouts to families of deployed service members as a way to ease the pain of separation.
‘‘It’s comforting,’’ Mary Holbrook told the Bangor Daily News. ‘‘It did help me adjust a lot.’’

Whoa. The gynecologist? Something tells this guy will volunteer for a second tour of duty in the Middle East.

This is going to give me nightmares.


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