Thursday, September 28, 2006

Greg Couch Sucks

I've never been a fan of the Sun-Times Greg Couch. To be honest, he's always hit me as a whimpering, simpering, whiny hack, who writes an incredibly boring and time-wasting column (if you actually read it, which I wouldn't recommend.) So it was sort of ironic when yesterday he wrote a big, fat column claiming that Cedric Benson was "pouting" after the Bears win over the Vikings on Sunday.

Today Benson has been reduced to defending himself against these accusations, with Lovie Smith supporting him.

Now, I understand Benson has had his problems since arriving in Chitown, but this entirely unecessary ordeal reeks of Couch being a jagbag. The Bears came up with a big early season win that propelled them towards the shortlist of Super Bowl contenders and Couch couldn't think of writing anything better than a hacket job on Benson. How cheap.

Listen, a quote I read today from Benson mentioned how he was celebrating wildly with Grossman after Grossman's game-winning TD pass. And it was true. I saw it. Benson put Grossman in a big ole bear hug and was clealy having a jolly, joyous ole time living up the moment. Benson was totally into it and loving everything. He was stoked.

So fuck Greg Couch. Of coure, the Sun-Times is the same newspaper that continues to employ Jay Mariotti, so it's choice in writers remains very suspect - and sad. I wonder if Mariotti and Couch hang out and try to out depress each other.


Blogger Internet Creatures said...

Yes, but Mariotti is the worse of all.

Let's get Mariotti fired.

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