Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is Tiger Un-American?

So, apparently, some have been questioning Tiger Woods' patriotism after he was spotted sitting with Roger Federer's wife during the U.S. Open Final. I guess with it being the five-year anniversary of 9/11 and all - you did hear it was the five-year anniversary, didn't you? - the foolish yahoos of our nation (of which there are many) are all swept up with beligerent American pride and will question someone for something as silly as their choice of seats during a tennis match.

Tiger should have been cheering for the American, Andy Roddick, right? That would have been the upstanding, patriotic, all-American thing to do, right?

Listen, Tiger can root for anyone he wants to. It was a tennis match, not an arms summit. If Tiger was smart, he would have been in the guest box of that fine, lovely Russian, Maria Sharapova, cheering her on and working on a three-way involving Sharapova, his stunning wife, and him wearing a Communist-era military uniform while smoking a Russian cigar and chilling in a hot tub. Instead, he rooted for Federer, which is no big deal. His decision. It doesn't make him any less American.

That said, I did find Woods' presence in Federer's box to be odd, but for a completely different reason. I was instantly put off by the arrogance of both Woods and Federer, who apparently feel that because they're dominant at their respective sports, they need to, you know, hang out. As if they are the elite and the elite must congregate seperate from the rest of us mere peons.

This is laughable. Granted, the meeting was likely set up by an agent looking for some free Nike promo shots, but the whole notion that two people need to meet because of what they can do with their respective balls just smacks of arrogance - unless we're talking about porn stars, in which case, yes, get them all together and have them demonstrate what they can do with balls.

But whatever. If Tiger and Federer want to be buds and talk about all the titles they've won and all the money they've made, far be it for me to complain. To each his own.

It just amazes me that there are people out there who actually moan about extra, unexpected shots of Elin Nordegren on their television, regardless of the circumstances. If you ask me, that's about as un-American as it gets and these troubled souls are likely terrorists.


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