Thursday, September 07, 2006

On Second Thought, Stay In Your Car!

"Yes, officer, I've had a few too many drinks tonight - but hey, I kept my clothes on this time!"

This is precisely why I love the fact that the Bears play in the NFC North, where the play isn't just bad but everything is downright comical. It's a freakin' circus!

Apparently not to be outdone by the Vikings' sex boat scandal or Brett Favre's demise into utter crap, Lions defensive line coach Joe Cullen has been arrested twice in the past two weeks -- once while police say he was driving nude and a week later on suspicion of drunken driving. At least give this guy some credit for being persistent.

I love this part...

The ticket does not provide any other information about why Cullen allegedly was nude. The Lions said alcohol was involved.

Gee, you think? It's exactly that type of forward thinking that makes the Lions what they are. Heady stuff, that.

Of course, Cullen was hired away from the University of Illinois, which was the Lions' first mistake. Does Matt Millen even pay attention to what goes on in the rest of the football world? Did he not notice that the Illini are the joke of Big Ten football? Oh, and Cullen was also fired from the University of Mississippi in 2005 after an alcohol-related arrest at a restaurant. How does one GM get this bad? How did he get a job in the first place? How does he still have a job? This is all baffling.

May Millen never be fired as Lions GM. I already miss the neanderthal antics of Mike Tice. The NFC North can't stand to lose Millen as well.

I'll be thoroughly disappointed if the Bears lose one game in the division this season. I mean that.


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