Monday, September 18, 2006

Put a Fork in Them

It's over. It's all over. Put a fork in the White Sox because they're done.

Tonight's sad 8-2 loss to the Tiggers was the proverbial final nail in the coffin. Ozzie and Kenny Williams can begin thinking of what moves they'll be making in the offseason because this team needs a major shakeup. I'll stop short of saying a complete blow up is necessary, but there are some dudes who need to be gone.

Listen, I can stomach not making the playoffs. The Twins are consistently one of the smartest, most successful franchises in baseball and the Tiggers have a good thing going with a fantastic young pitching staff and a wise old general in Jim Leyland. The Sox were beat out by good, solid baseball teams and I can handle that.

What I can't stomach is the shocking lack of fire displayed by this team. There was never any sense of urgency no matter how late into the season it got. There was never any inclination that they were going to go down with a helluva fight. Hell, there was never even a look of panic in their eyes, which would have at least been something - and much better than the depressing, lacksadaisical, carefee manner with which this team carried itself with. Yes, the worst part was the blank stares, the empty faces, the looks of utter nothingness. They were like walking dead.

Lifeless. Depressing. I've seen more spunk in a morgue. I think some wide-eyed, anxious youth is needed next year in the dugout because these guys had me contemplating things while looking at bottles of pills and ropes and razors. Sylvia Plath had nothing on this group of joyless, melancholy losers.

It has all been pathetic. No stealing bases. No hustle. No nothing. Just one guy swinging for the fences after another. What happened to so-called Ozzieball? What happened to manufacturing runs?

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. The 2006 season is eerily similar to what the Sox have done for most of the decade. They finished in second place in 2002, 2003, and 2004. In each of those years they were in the race and had a chance to make a run in the second half and each time they went down with the same depressing fade as they did this year. Look, 2006 is much more in line with recent Sox history than the glory 0f 2005.

How ironic is it that a day after Frank Thomas finished putting a whole bunch of nails in the Sox's coffin over the weekend, Magglio Ordonez hit a home run that put the Tiggers up 4-0? The ghosts of the Sox's recent past are out and about. Ozzie and Williams must be thoroughly embarrassed. Of course, until Big Frank or Maggs have a World Series ring, the Sox will always have the last laugh, but still, for the moment at least, they've made the Sox look like chumps.

All I know is this: Ozzie and Williams better stack next year's pitching staff like a mofo. Pitching, pitching, pitching.




Blogger Bill-DC said...

This brings back memories of how depressed I was in '84 when the Tigers ran away with things. The World Champion Orioles rein was done after an early June double header sweep by the Tigers.

Still, we managed to get under Kirk Gibson's skin that afternoon by hurling a bunch of insults at him while he was in the on deck circle.

3:55 AM  
Blogger White Silk said...

I'm with you all the way on this, UC -- the past 3-4 weeks, when the team clearly needed to focus and pick up the slack, they never ever looked ready for the part. Pathetic. I love the way Ozzie approaches the game as much as the next Soc fan but one has to wonder if his antics in and out of the clubhouse got tiring for the players and he just never "got through" to them like he was able to last season. Hell, maybe that act is a novelty and it's hard to work with continuously. Whatever the case, the team needs some life pumped back into them - that's the truth!

One note, though - Big Hurt, while not a major reason for last season's amazing run that led to the Title, he did get a ring with us last year. If Maggs gets one this season, then he may also have a laugh at Kenny Dubs.

What's next, El Caballo (C-Lee) and whatever squad he's on next season, making fools of his former squad with a multi-HR game/series to spoil the Sox chances in the waning days of the '07 season?? I sure as hell hope not.

As far as where this team is headed next year (i.e. who is here, who is gone), I really have no clues as to what Kenny might do but I do think Pods and his hot ass wife will be packing bags very soon, as will either Freddy G or Javier Vasquez.

Lastly, dare I ask it, have we seen the last of Mark Buehrle? The 2nd half of this season notwithstanding, this guy was "our stud" for the past 6 years -- he was far and away the most reliable, ready-for-action, pitcher we had in our lineup. Sure, other guys have always had better stuff and better potential but Buehrle makes do with tenacity and smarts like not many others in the game. Whatever happens to him, I will always remember him with respect and a hat tip......

8:46 AM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...

I totally agree on Pods being gone. I hate to say it after what he did in 2005, but dude sucks. If he's not stealing, walking, getting on with bunts, etc, then he is useless. He doesn't hit for average or power and he's not good defensively.

Vazquez = I hated him in the first half, but he came on strong late. Maybe Coop got through to him and he'll be solid next year.

Freddy = pissed me off this year. First, he shows up a bit heavy and then it's reported that he failed a pot test at the WBC. I'm cool with pot, but not when you show up out of shape. He must have been eating Doritos all winter. He also pissed me off by showing up his defense when they didn't make plays and then complaining about the offensive production...when he routinely gave up 5-6 runs a game. He was sort of an asshole this year. He ight be gone.

I want to see what McCarthy can do in the rotation. Also, Lance Broadway, I'm convinced that with a name like that he's destined to be a star. What a great name.

I also want to see some of the Triple AAA studs (Fields, Owens, etc) come up and add some life.

And sign Crede.

Also, I agree that Ozzie's antics had a negative affect.

I also think AJ's shit might get old if the Sox aren't winning. We'll see.

9:37 AM  

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