Friday, October 27, 2006

Checking In

Yo, yo, yo. Sorry for the lack of posts. Long story. Be Back soon.

But while I'm here...

Prediction for Sunday? Bears 27 49ers 6

And the Fire will polish off the Revs in Foxboro to advance to the Eastern Conference finals.

Book it.

Here we go now.


Anonymous priest, they called me said...

Dear Unknown Column,

I have a fever, baby--A FEVER!!! And the only Bulls basketball...

Yours Truly,
the priest

p.s. Here WE go now (as in the Bulls).

7:49 PM  
Blogger marcythewhore said...

marcythewhore who is well tanned ana prophetic: Beware.......the fish come to town with a secret weapon.........and can we have a moment of silence for Cowboy Ray.......mtw

9:26 AM  
Blogger Tottito10 said...

My life is empty and meaningless without UC. I'm actually starting to miss his anti-Italian rants.

9:36 AM  
Blogger marcythewhore said...

marcythewhore says: You might notice the goats grazing on the U. of C campus. They were left there by the fish. The back of the team plane was devoted to carrying the goats.

The goats were sent to Chicago with the blessings of Santeria (some say they are the second generation of goats left after the big Cubs game with the Marlins a few years back).

But there was one added ingredient to the surprise by the fish: someone knows where Steve Spurrier gets his haircuts in South Carolina, and the night before the game Soldier's Field was quietly sprikled with a combination of hair and ground up gator tail. People were slipping and sliding and all over the field (specially those guys who used to play against Florida in their college days....strange how the hair and goat thing works in rhyme or reason).

Ah, well.....I do love Da' Bears ( I still rate Gale Sayers as even more fun to watch than Jim Brown or Barry Sanders, too bad his career was cut short) but practicality is practicality.

One more point to consider: Grossman is not a marquee name, but Manning is. In fact, to go one step further, Mike Ditka had money people ready to back him for a political run. Nobody in Illinois politics will put up money for someone named Lovie: a nice guy...but who in Chicago was ever elected on niceness?

When all is said and done, it's about image.

No, the Super Bowl committee base their wants and desires on marquee. Sad truth. And Da Bear road games ahead are going to be a lot tougher than they were the first half of the season. Rex has got the 'Swamp' jinx to deal with. He's not a Jim McMahon.

It's something about those freaking goats this year...........marcythewhore

9:46 AM  

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