Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Little Justice

Clint Dempsey has been named US soccer's national team Player of the Year. Which is nice to see considering he's just about the only American player worth anything. (There are a few others - a few.) Thank goodness we don't have to witness Landon Donovan getting this award as we all dance behind the facade that is the belief that Donovan is any good.

That said, it's really saying something that the award is going to Dempsey, essentially, because he scored the lone U.S. goal at the World Cup. His Revs team hasn't lit it up this season in MLS and Dempsey has had some controversies on the field regarding his temperment. Is this really the state of American soccer?

But I'm still a big supporter of the dude.

If it was up to me, I'd place Dempsey at center midfield and build the national team around him. He's got the talent, and more importantly, he's got the cajones that Donovan lacks. He has a certain swagger. Just as importantly, Dempsey needs to take his game to Europe. Immediately. He's been adamant on a number of occasions about wanting to go overseas, and yet MLS continues to play games with him, locking him up here and stifling his improvement.

MLS really is moronic at times. Listen, I'm all for MLS and it's continued growth. And I'm confident that one day it will be huge. I really am. But the people running it, on all too many occasions, really are a bunch of twats.

If Dempsey can find a suitor in Europe, let him go. Stop fuckin' with him. MLS has no right.


Blogger PhIrish said...

Dempsey as the new Captain America at center midfield. I love the idea. If he is the heir to Reyna's captain's band and position I'm all for it. If he continues his spot down the right side for the US, fine. He's got the ass-kicking syndrome, and we know who (Donovan) doesn't have it. Let's not immitate the 1994 German national team who was loaded-LOADED with talent that went nowhere. Go ahead look it up. Of course we are miles behind that world cup team, but my main point is: 1) that we are stiffling the talent that we have and; 2) we are forming a nucleus for the next 5 or 6 years.
I agree with you Ultraceltic about Adu.

7:01 AM  
Blogger PhIrish said...

Hey Ultra, did you know Stan Collymore was in Basic Instinct 2? Yeah check it out

7:06 AM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...

Stan the Man? Really? Interesting. I haven't seen the movie yet. Does Sharon Stone look hot in it?

8:59 PM  

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