Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Soccer Gods are Croatian?

In what is surely one of the funniest goals you'll ever see, England keeper Paul Robinson completely whiffed on a back pass from Gary Neville yesterday and watched helplessly as the ball rolled into the back of his net. The goal put the Brits down 2-0 in the EURO qualifying game and effectively ended any hopes they had of leaving Zagreb with any points. The clip is here...

Two things in particular to note...

1) You have to watch the replay that occurs at the 1:10 mark. It fully shows how the ball was rolling smoothly along the ground until it mysteriously bounced up and over Robinson's foot. Hysterical. It's as if a soccer god, who must have been Croatian, was watching and pulled the ball up with an invisible string. In all honesty, as foolish as Robinson looked, watch the replay and it's hard to find much fault in him. The very definition of unlucky.

2) I love how England coach Steve McClaren is seen frantically writing something on a handy sheet of paper immediately after the goal. I mean, what could he have possibly been writing at that moment? My only guess would be a confession to leave behind after he commits a murder/suicide involving him and Robinson in the locker room after the game.


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