Friday, December 08, 2006

We're an Embarrassment

You can add the United States Soccer Federation to the same list that includes such entities as the Chicago Cubs, Arizona Cardinals, and the entire Bush Administration. In other words, the list of all things that are completely incompetent.

After spending six months disgracefully and desperately tailing Jurgen Klinsmann with its tongue firmly planted in his behind, the USSF has been politely told by the German coach thanks, but no thanks. This means that the U.S. national team has yet to hire a coach or hit the field even once since the World Cup. We've done nothing. Nothing. It also means that the entire golbal soccer community is surely laughing at us. Even the Canucks! Oh, sure, the world has been laughing at American soccer for years now, but the fact that the laughter is more audible than ever is really saying something.

It's bad enough to lose. It's so much worse to be an utter embarrassment. And this is what we are.

The sad part is that, apparently, Klinsmann's decision was based not on money but on issues of power. If so, USSF head Sunil Gulati is even more clueless and unlikable than I initially thought.

I mean, who the fuck is Sunil Gulati? Klinsmann was a superstar player who won a World Cup in 1990 and is currently a young coach with a seemingly limitless future who already proved his worth at this past summer's World Cup...and Gulati is going to argue with him about who should have the bigger say on important matters? Really?

We're pathetic. We really are.

Meanwhile, Bob Bradley has been named interim coach. Sure, Bradley was successful here in Chicago with the Fire, but he was also fired by the MetroStars. In other words, our national team has gone from the prospect of Klinsmann to a guy who was fired by an MLS team. This is like being turned down by Phil Jackson and responding by a dude who was shitcanned in the CBA.

This summer we'll play in both the Gold Cup and the Copa America. Busy schedule. How far the embarrassment spills over onto the actual playing field remains to be seen.

I'm guessing plenty.


Blogger Bill-DC said...

I've missed this. Hope you're doing better and things are well.

I cannot believe that Sunil Gulati screwed this up. I believe if we gave Klinsmann two World Cups like we gave Arena, the US goes to the semis.

Now we're left with Bob Bradley? Why aren't they talking with Frank Yallop? I know he's with the Galaxy, but he's succeeded in MLS and has international experience with Canada. May not seem like much internationally but he knows all about the qualifying process in CONCACAF.

The last interim coach the US had came on in '95, had some success and as a result, got the full time gig headed into '98. We all know how that turned out. Sad thing is he's available now. It would not surprise me at all if Steve Sampson got a call.

Wake up USSF!

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Footie-Forum said...

Klinsmann has taken over at Bayern Mnich, in his home country. He might have considered the USA job a while back, but he has moved onwards and won't be there again for you.

The USA needs to bring someone in who will spark some interest, like what Beckham did with LA Galaxy. England have had a miserable time, not qualifying for the Euro 2008 competition, but they responded properly, by appointing a superstar coach (Fabio Capello), and putting in place all sorts of measures to improve youth football in England for the future.

Your USSF needs to sit down and decide what its purpose is - either to continue letting USA football (sorry soccer) continue in its mediocrity, or to put in place the steps necessary in order to grow the game in your vast country.

They could take a leaf out of the Republic of Ireland team - they have a mediocre team, pretty much always have had, yet they have just landed Trappatoni as manager (ex Italy manager) who is one of the worlds best managers in existence. that sort of effort is what improves your sport.

6:41 PM  

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